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I am writing this because myself & thousands of other families have been extorted by my landlord.

Invitation Homes is the name of the corporation in which I am referring to. They seem to operate under a variety of different names, ie SRPS LP, Waypoint Homes, Starwood Homes, Blackstone, Stephen Schwarzman, but I have yet to see the most accurate name for them, Extortion Homes.

I didn't know any better, I was afraid, & have my fiance in medical crisis with a life threatening medical emergency turned medical condition, so I responded by paying their demands to keep a roof over my childrens heads. I was told by Invitation Homes that they would be crediting some of the over payments I made, at their demand, but now they are refusing, changing amounts, & refusing to accept my rent payment while threatening eviction. We had a prior unlawful detainer case last month, which they dismissed after charging me $915 to dismiss. Now they are saying I did not pay this $915 dismissal fee.

The reason they filed for eviction in the first place is because they refused to accept my rent without me paying $200 for a cracked pipe repair, which was cracked cast iron, underneath the cement slab. The repair of this cracked cast iron pipe is the responsiblity of the owners, Invitation Homes. They are part owners of over 82,500 homes across the country, along with investors they have roped in by having all of this revenue on paper, that they extorted from the tenants of these homes. They have made a $350 million donation to MIT recently, which I believe was made possible because of their business practice of extorting tenants.

Invitation Homes has a 33% eviction rate, not because tenants are not paying their rent, but because they are not able to comply with the extortion demands of Invitation Homes. This is not the first time they have done this to me either. They pulled a similar scheme on me a year ago, only charging me a $721 eviction cancellation fee that time. This most recent time they first demanded $1765, which I have in writing, but "gave me a deal" as they said & cut the fee down to $915. This, along with unjustifiably raising the rent by almost $200/month every year, is how they make their money. There is a class action lawsuit against this rental company for illegal fee stacking.

I reported them to the FBI to get a federal RICO investigation launched against Invitation Homes, INVH on the stock exchange.

Stay away, far, far away !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Invitation Homes House Rental.

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Unfortunately for your case, everything you mentioned except your own personal experience is hearsay and therefore inadmissible. There is something missing from this story that will require documentation and a verifiable timeline.

to Anonymous #1619658

The things I have mentioned are all documented facts, for which I have the documentation on. My statements are inadmissible where ?

On a public forum ? I think not. There are things missing from the story, you are correct. I didn't mention how the house flooded twice within 2 years, due to faulty plumbing, once leaving us without working toilets for a day & a half.

I didn't mention how I told them a year ago that it seemed like there were rooted in the mainline because we had all the signs of a mainline infiltration, but they did nothing about it. I didn't mention how I had to hire a plumber myself to put a camera down the drain to find the cracked pipe. I didn't mention how they did not repair the drywall after either leak, but we fixed it ourselves & also replaced an entire toilet because we thought that might have been the issue with the slow draining & backup. I didn't mention how we have black mold that their tech just sprayed with bleach to cover up.

I didn't mention how I never once withheld rent for any of these issues. I didn't mention how they raised the rent over $200 but wouldn't even upgrade the dirt landscape with even just gravel, or at the very least split the cost with us but instead we paid for it & did it all, front & back yard ourselves. I didn't mention how I didn't bother them about the rat infested bushes in the front planter boxes & the dead bushes in the side planter box but instead pulled out the rat infested bushes & replaced them with healthy, drought friendly bushes, which will not be rat magnets & replaced the dead bushes with a lush succulent garden. I didn't mention that we didnt bother them when the kitchen faucet leaked, we just replaced it.

And I didn't mention how we just today found out that there are quarter to half dollar sized holes in the roof, which is adding to the moldy drywall, because when it rains outside, it's been raining inside, inside the walls.

So, "anonymous", I have an entire 3 ring binder of photos, call logs, emails & work orders. Where would you like me to send the documentation verifying the timeline & nature of incidents ?

to SpiffyKakapo584 #1624801

What is missing is simply your reason for remaining in such an allegedly horrendous place. This is a representative republic and you are free to vote with your wallet and your feet at any time.

You are not in prison but you've wasted a large portion of your life confined to a place that has caused you to lose your sense of reason. I am not interested in your jailhouse lawyer evidence and will not return to this post.

to SpiffyKakapo584 #1627919

I think the responder means "inadmissible in court as evidence".

to SpiffyKakapo584 #1631322

QUOTE : "Where would you like me to send the documentation verifying the timeline & nature of incidents ?" Snowflake, I don't think you'd like their answer.

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