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I unfortunately reside next to a home managed by Waypoint owned by Waypoint Invitation Homes or whatever. They let their tenants do WHATEVER.

The grass is as high as the mailbox. They have their trashcans in front of the home at all times piled up, they now have a grill sitting in front of their garage. They never cut their grass and always have trash in the yard. The HOA has fined them and continues to fine the home.

When you try and call Waypoint/Invitation Homes no one ever answers. No ever calls back and nothing is being done. I would not be able to sell my home for $100,000 because as soon as someone sees that disaster next door, they will be like *** NAW! This is why people hate Investment Groups to purchase homes in the neighborhoods and why folks don't like Section 8 rentals.

All Waypoint/Invitation Homes cares about is getting that guaranteed Angry money and are not holding their renters accountable for their actions. AGAIN WAYPOINT/INVITATION HOMES SUCK MAJOR. Do not use them if you value your home or the neighborhood. We are located in Charlotte NC.

I used to love my neighborhood until Waypoint/Invitation Homes came in and purchased the home next door. I really wish my neighbor would have given a little more thought and sold to a family instead of this sorry group. There is no way to contact them, but again, I'm sure they know what they have living in their homes.

Included are picture of the yard, trash, everything. All around you have well manicured yards and then you come up on this mess.

Reason of review: Poor Property Management.

Preferred solution: Demand your renters follow the rules and regulation of the neighborhood HOA or get out..

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